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Axle Strengthening Kits

Axle Strengthening Kits

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  • Strengthens axle casing to reduce or prevent bending
  • Kits to fit Discovery 1, Discovery 2, Range Rover Classic and Defender - front and rear - please specify in variants
  • Strengthening fitted internally and externally
  • Kit includes internal tubes (flared at outer end to fit machined flanges), inner tube support plates, heavy duty diff pan, external web plate to bridge diff casing, external filler plates. Reuses original filler plug/fitting
  • Use of internal tubes retains ground clearance lost with purely external strengthening
  • Heavy duty diff pan prevents cracking found in standard pan
  • Heavy duty diff pan and external webbing transfer loads around diff from internal tubes
  • Kit also stiffens casing to prevent diffs becoming loose through flex and vibration
  • External webbing shaped to assist in skidding axle over obstacles
  • Diff pan also increases oil capacity to improve diff lubrication and cooling
  • Fitting service is available - please contact us for details
Our Price: £223.20